All guest transactions are protected by Secure Sockets Layer. SSL powerfully encrypts all of your personal numbers and information before it is sent across the Internet to our servers.

When you reach the booking page on our website you will notice two significant changes to your browser. Firstly, in your address bar the usual http situated before the URL is replaced by https, this is informing you that you have reached a secure area of the site and your sensitive information is safe. Additionally, you will also observe a closed padlock on the bottom right of the screen; this is just another assurance of your security.

* Three+ Breaks (Hotelsinone) do not hold credit card details of clients in any format.

* All personal customer data is encrypted at time of booking confirmation.

* All of our server security is up to date and regularly tested.

* Our systems are compliant to PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards and regular vulnerability testing is carried out.